Dwarf Sweet Sue

Dwarf Sweet Sue is an indeterminate, vigorous, potato leaf that will reach from 4-5′ tall by the end of the growing season, and produces prolific yields of 5-10 oz., oblate to round, smooth, bright yellow fruit that take on a pronounced pink blossom end blush when very ripe. The fruits have a well-balanced, full, delicious flavor with particularly sweet overtones. Dwarf Sweet Sue seems to be quite disease tolerant and one of the more prolific of the new dwarf varieties.

Developed from a selection out of the “Sneezy family” a cross was made by Patrina Nuske Small in 2005 between Golden Dwarf Champion and Green Giant. The tomato originated as a selection of ‘Summertime Gold’ and was found and named by famed tomato breeder Craig LeHoullier in 2007 after his wife, Susan (Who loved the tomato and is very sweet herself).

The Dwarf Tomato Project is available to the public under the Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI). This initiative seeks to protect a wide range of newly bred varieties from being targeted by these companies. It does so by applying Open Source designations to varieties that have been pledged by their breeders.

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