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BrandyFred Dwarf

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About BrandyFred Dwarf

There is some variation in height throughout the new dwarf varieties—some appear to be more determinate than others. As young seedlings, they are half the size of indeterminate or determinate seedlings right from the start. The central growing stem is particularly stout, and the foliage, which can be either regular or potato leaf, tends to be a darker bluish green and have a puckered, wrinkled characteristic that is known as rugose.
BrandyFred Dwarf is an Indeterminate, dwarf, rugose, potato leaf variety that produces high yields of 10-16 oz., smooth, oblate, purple fruit that possess rich, well-balanced, delicious flavors. This Dwarf Tomato Project variety, introduced in 2016, was selected from the “Tasty family.” (A cross made and named by Vince Lavallo in 2008 between Dwarf Wild Fred and Brandywine.) For BrandyFred Dwarf seeds from TomatoFest, please click the link.

Open Pollinated
Fruit Colors
Flesh Colors
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Fruit Sizes
Large / Medium
Culinary Uses
Paste / Sauce / Canner / Slicer
Plant Types
Indeterminate / Rugose Dwarf
Potato / Rugose

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