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Dwarf Lemon Ice

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About Dwarf Lemon Ice

Dwarf varieties, prior to this project, were relatively rare. Appearing quite distinct in all growth phases—from seeding to mature plant—they behave as if they are compact indeterminate varieties in the manner that they fruit, persevere until frost, and exhibit flavors that can approach the best of the indeterminate varieties, due to similar foliage-to-fruit ratios.
Dwarf Lemon Ice is an indeterminate, dwarf tomato plant with regular leaf rugose foliage and produce heavy yields of 4-6 oz., heart-shaped, pale-yellow fruits with clear skin and yellow flesh. Excellent, delightful, well-balanced, sweet flavors. Developed from a cross between Roza Vetrov and Anna Banana Russian made by Patrina Nuske Small. It was selected and named by Linda Black.

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