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Summer Sweet Gold

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About Summer Sweet Gold

‘Summer Sweet Gold’ is a reselected version of ‘Summertime Gold’ tomato, that was developed by the members of the ‘Dwarf Tomato Project’ in the 2006-2011. In 2012, it became obvious that the released seeds were not too different from its sister variety, ‘Dwarf Mr. Snow’, and the decision was made to continue the selection and the new selected version was named ‘Summer Sweet Gold’ and released to public in 2015. Selection work was carried out by Craig LeHoullier and Lee Newman. Their work was succesfull and they shared the seeds of new ‘Summer Sweet Gold’ dwarf tomato. The starting seed sample was grown out and supplied by Bill Minkey of Darien, Wisconsin, USA in 2014. Commercially introduced by ‘Heritage Tomato Seed’ in 2015.
Indeterminate, dwarf-type plants with rugose potato leaf foliage produce good crop of large (6-18 oz), light yellow beefsteak-type fruit, with pinkish blush at the blossom end when fully ripe. Outstanding, rich tomato flavor, very sweet and meaty. Perfect for container growing. Excellent tomato for fresh eating, for sandwiches or in salads.

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