September 1 2023, Friday

Tomato Whisperer said: Hi Fifi, I recommend taking some time to figure out what your taste buds prefer. A long stroll through a local farmer’s market can do wonders! Some farmers even offer samples, but I prefer to purchase a variety of tomatoes from across the market, take them home and make a Saturday afternoon out of tasting. Bonus points- you can save the seed for next year if you like the flavors. )Just be sure you get the names of the varieties you pruchase.)
After that, another good way is to visit forums often and listen to what people are talking about (good and bad). You might discover some varieties you never need to waste your time on (like Yellow Pear)! Haha


That’s a great idea! I always try to sample the new arrivals at the farmers market. It’s a brilliant way to plan a portion of the crops for the next year. Unfortunately, where I live, most vendors skip the variety names. Often, the fruits are sold without names, or simply as “pink beefsteak” or “black pear.”