While sweet and sour tastes are well understood, these other volatile compounds are still not fully defined, and many tomato growers are trying to understand them.
Among the descriptions of flavors and aromas found in tomatoes, the following flavor profiles are most often distinguished: acidic, fruity, mild, smokey, sweet, tart, and well-balanced. We must also remember that environmental conditions such as intense sunlight, soil, watering, and temperature are also very important factors that influence the taste of tomato fruits.



Fruits with a predominantly sour taste are referred to as acidic. They have higher levels of acid with a lower level of sugars.

Tomato Taxonomy Flavor Profile



Some varieties of tomatoes, in particular varieties with fruits of the bi-color or tri- color type, have a noticeable fruity aroma. These fruits are also usually sweeter than others.



If a tomato is low in both acid and sugar, it will have a bland or mild taste.



Experts use the term ‘smokey’ or ‘earthy’ to describe the flavor that is very characteristic of some dark-fruited varieties.



Tomatoes that are higher in sugars and low in acids will have a sweet taste.



The tart flavor of tomatoes is due to higher levels of acid in the fruit with the absence of sugars.



The most preferred flavor for most people. It is a result of high levels of acids combined with a high level of sugars to balance the taste.