December 7 2023, Thursday

In Russia, there’s a special place known as Syzran, and guess what? It’s the tomato capital! This city is in the Samara region. The tomato is like a superstar there, even though it’s not the city’s official emblem. A long time ago, clever merchants from Astrakhan brought tomatoes to Syzran. These tomatoes loved it so much that Syzran ended up giving half of Russia its tasty fruits! That’s why Syzran proudly carries the title of the Tomato Capital. And here’s the fun part – every August, they throw a big party called the regional tomato festival to celebrate this tomato success story. The heirloom tomatoes from Syzran are pretty famous because they’re known for being super delicious. @{} Have you tried any tomato varieties from Syzran?