December 15 2023, Friday

I stumbled upon an intriguing historical gem recently—a tomato recipe dating back to 1692 in a Neapolitan cookbook, “Lo scalco alla moderna.” The recipe reads as follows:

“Take a half a dozen tomatoes that are ripe,
put them to roast in the embers,
when they are scorched, remove the skin diligently,
then mince them finely with a knife.
Add onions, minced finely, to discretion.
Hot chili peppers, also minced finely.
Add thyme, in a small amount.
After mixing everything together,
adjust it with a little salt, oil, and vinegar.
It is a very tasty sauce, both for boiled dishes or anything else.”

@{Lizandgil} Isn’t it fascinating how tomatoes have been part of culinary history for centuries?