December 18 2023, Monday

Back in 1945, in the charming town of Buñol, Spain, a wild turn of events led to the birth of the La Tomatina festival. It all began during a parade featuring Giants and Big-Heads figures. A spirited participant, fueled by the excitement of the moment, accidentally took a tumble, setting off a chain reaction of chaos. Fueled by anger, he grabbed tomatoes from a market stall and went on a tomato-flinging rampage, hitting everything in sight. That was crazy but fun. The next year, these spirited youths intentionally armed themselves with tomatoes from home, turning the town square into a tomato battlefield. Even though the police tried to stop the fun, they unknowingly laid the foundation for what we now know as La Tomatina.
Facing bans in the ’50s, the festival made a triumphant return in 1957 with a quirky protest—a tomato burial! Residents paraded a massive tomato in a coffin. Finally, the La Tomatina Festival was allowed and became an official festivity.
Fast forward to 2002, La Tomatina earned the title of Festivity of International Tourist Interest, recognized by the Spanish Secretary of the Department of Tourism. Now held annually on the last Wednesday of August, it’s a tomato-filled celebration you won’t want to miss!
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