December 18 2023, Monday

In the F.W. Bolgiano & Co. 1905 catalog, tomatoes are named “Liebesapfel” (Love apple). The catalog provides some tricks for tomato cultivation: “Seed may be started in hot-bed in March, or sufficient plants for family use can be grown in pots or boxes indoors with very little trouble. Be particular to give plants the benefit of fresh air and sun whenever judicious, for the purpose of hardening them, and cover with mats when necessary to prevent them from frosting. The two extremes of heat and cold are equally injurious. It is customary with the best gardeners to remove the plants from the hot-beds to the cold frames, allowing a distance of several inches between the plants. In May select and prepare the soil, and set the plants three feet each way. Hoe and draw earth t» thestems. Whentbe plants crowd the fruit will be small, Have the soil very rich. For general crop, sow from the middle of April or during May in the open air, selecting good soil in a location much exposed to the sun and sheltered by a hill, fence, or woods on the north.” That sounds interesting, doesn’t it?@{UlrikeK.}