‘Russkiy Bazar’ is a small family farm founded over 25 years ago by Natalya Dryzhakova. It is located in Yaroslavl (Russian: Ярослáвль), a city and the administrative center of Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia, about 250 kilometers (160 mi) northeast of Moscow. Tomatoes are the main crop on their farm. Natalya is growing them in an ecologically clean area in the north of the Yaroslavl Kray. She is passionate about growing tomatoes for a very long time. It gives her joy and a real pleasure to experience rare, high-yielding varieties collected from all over the world, on her own land, in the extremely difficult climatic conditions of her region, where the weather every season tests both people working in a field and the plants – for endurance and resistance.
Natalya is also very passionate about giving classes and lectures on the cultivation of tomatoes for gardeners in her area. Some of her growing methods differ from the generally accepted ones, as they are adapted to the specific growing conditions of colder and more demanding climates. But the results are worth trying and efforts – that is a guarantee of stable yields each year.