Here are the two simplest methods of making quick tomato juice, with and without a juicer. For the best tomato juice select juicy, ripe, and fragrant tomatoes, these are the healthiest and full important antioxidants. If you grow tomatoes yourself and have beautiful, colorful specimens in your garden, you can make tomato juice in various colors, in addition to red, also purple, green, or a beautiful, sunny yellow-orange juice.
Wash the tomatoes, remove stems and leaves, and cut them into smaller pieces to fit your juicer. If you want to flavor or season your juice, add fresh herbs, garlic, chopped celery stalks, or a piece of chili pepper to the tomatoes to increase the spiciness. The juicer will automatically remove the skin and seeds from the juice. In a few minutes, you will have fresh, flavor-packed nutritious juice. Drink the juice as is, use it to prepare delicious cocktails, or preserve it for later and enjoy the flavor when garden-fresh tomatoes are not in season.

The second method of making tomato juice, which is also quick and does not require using the juicer, is to blend the washed tomatoes in a blender or food processor. Pour the macerated slurry through a fine sieve or cheesecloth and squeeze the pulp to remove as much juice as possible.  In the same manner, you can add your favorite herbs or garlic to the blended tomatoes or season with pepper or salt to taste.
No matter which method you choose, tomato juice will always be delicious, full of flavor, summer aromas, and vitamins!

Dorota Basiura

World Tomato Society Website Content Director

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