Seed Shopping Guide

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A comprehensive 82-page guide to understanding seed choices.

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Unlock the secrets to growing the perfect tomato for your family’s culinary needs and garden spaces with our comprehensive 82-page seed selection guide. Discover the unique characteristics of heirloom, hybrid, and open-pollinated varieties, and learn how to choose the perfect tomato varieties based on shape, flavor, and culinary application. We’ll also guide you through environmental factors that impact disease resistance, and introduce you to special tomato varieties tailored for the garden, market purposes, and more. With nearly 300 beautiful photos, this guide is your ultimate resource for selecting delicious and healthy tomatoes. Get your copy today and start growing the tomatoes of your dreams!

1 review for Seed Shopping Guide

  1. TomatoWomaniac

    SUPER INFORMATIVE guide! I loved the breakdown of information and specific recommendations. Wish I had this last season!

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