‘Dwarf Purple Heartthrob’ was developed by the members of the Dwarf Tomato Project from an original cross made by Vince Lavalle between ‘Berkeley Tie-Dye’ and ‘Dwarf Purple Heart’ and named ‘Hearty’ family. The primary development work for this striped ox-heart tomato was carried out by Vince Lavalle, Bill Yoder, and Craig LeHoullier, and named by Bill and Craig. Stabilization was the collaborative work of Dan Follett, Ted Maiden, Mickey Pasco-Powell, Susan Oliverson, Heide Dolan, John Cook, and Bill Minkey. This variety was first introduced commercially by ‘Victory Seeds’ in 2021.
Rugose, regular leaf plants produce a very high yield of beautiful and delicious medium to large (4-10oz./100-280g) purple hearts with green and metallic stripes outside. This striped oxheart tomato has a delicious, well-balanced taste that adds depth to salads, sandwiches, and salsas. Its meaty texture makes it a superb choice for bruschettas, while the vibrant color and sweet undertones make it an excellent topping for homemade pizzas. Whether enjoyed fresh in a Caprese salad or cooked down into a rich pasta sauce, ‘Dwarf Purple Heartthrob’ effortlessly enhances the flavor profile of a wide array of dishes. Its versatility in the kitchen makes it a must-have for culinary enthusiasts seeking to elevate their gastronomic creations. Mid- to late season, about 80-85 days to maturity.

Other striped ox-heart tomato listings within our database include: The Thong, Rebel Starfighter: Blane’s Moonlight, Not Purple Strawberry, Owen’s Purple, Black Bear, WildThyme Purple.

Other varieties from the ‘Dwarf Tomato Project’ include: Dwarf Noah’s Stripes, Dwarf Mint Streak, Sweet Scarlet Dwarf, Dwarf Saucy Mary, Sean’s Yellow Dwarf, Dwarf Metallica, Dwarf Melanie’s Ballet, Dwarf Mandurang Moon, Dwarf Laura’s Bounty, Dwarf Edith Stone, Dwarf Mystic Lady.

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