First look! ‘E-Glut’ is an exclusive new oblong striped tomato from Kleverhof seed company’s latest ‘Elements’ series inspired by Luc Besson’s cinematic masterpiece, ‘The Fifth Element.’ Among the inaugural members of this series, beautiful ‘E-Glut’ plants stand about 2’/0.6m tall beckoning you into the mesmerizing world of the ‘Elements’ series.
Vigorous, determinate, dwarf-type plants, adorned with regular leaves, generously yield 1.8-2.1oz (50-60g) oblong, red fruits with green stripes that turn terra-cotta orange when fully ripe. The sunny side showcases dark anthocyanin shoulders, adding a touch of visual interest. The firm flesh is exceptionally aromatic and sweet, with a subtle pineapple note tantalizing the taste buds.
Not just a feast for the senses, ‘E-Glut’ demonstrates remarkable resilience, displaying high tolerance to late blight and blossom end rot as well as offering an extended shelf-life. An ideal choice for container gardening, allowing enthusiasts to cultivate this versatile variety in various settings.
‘E-Glut’ seamlessly integrates into a myriad of culinary creations, enhancing the visual and flavor aspects. This versatile tomato elevates the taste of salads, raw dishes, and pickles, while its vibrant colors make it an ideal choice for Caprese and as a decorative element. Moreover, its juicy and flavorful characteristics make it a superb choice for sauces, sugo, and soups, allowing you to explore a spectrum of delightful dishes with this remarkable tomato. This versatile variety matures in midseason, typically 70 to 84 days after transplant.

Other varieties from the new ‘Elements’ series include: ‘E-Tornado’. Kleverhof continues to expand its ‘Elements’ series with the release of more varieties this fall (2024), followed by additional varieties in the coming year (2025).

Other oblong striped tomato listings within our database include: Pink Tiger, Boar’s Tooth, Wild Tiger, Supernova, and Taste.

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    Solanum lycopersicum

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