‘Gargamel’ is a very unusual plum-shaped anthocyanin tomato selected by Phil Seneca of Good Mind Seeds, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. This is what Phil writes about this variety: ‘He never got any smurfs so I thought I would give that old psychopathic wizard a tomato. There is a nice mix of recessive and dominant traits including anthocyanin foliage which all will give attractive appearances on a backdrop of regular red flesh and L. pimpinellifolium (wild currant tomato) genetics. The flavor is impressive for an anthocyanin tomato of its darkness, as many lack the rich tomato flavor common to most heirlooms.’
‘Gargamel’ is a result of an accidental cross, that shows L. pimpinellifolium, and L. peruvianum expressions from the OSU Blue tomato, that ‘Gargamel’ has in its pedigree. This unique cultivar expresses phenotypes from at least 3 species. Small (2-5 oz/80-150 g) fruits vary in shape and stripe patterns. Most fruits are oval or heart-shaped, some have blunt and some pointy ends. Orange and red striped outside with dark blue anthocyanin splash on the sun-exposed part and red flesh. Sweet and delicious tomato taste with some tart aftertaste and fruity notes. The best flavors appear when this plum-shaped anthocyanin tomato is ripe fully on the vine. The advantage of this variety is the ease of storage – the fruit can be stored for up to 2 months or longer in an unchanged condition in a cool, dark place. They are perfect for preserving, drying, and freezing. Thanks to their extraordinary beauty, they are the perfect garnish for dishes. Determinate, regular leaf plants with very good yield and good disease resistance. Midseason, about 75 days after transplant.

Other plum-shaped anthocyanin tomato listings within our database include: Purple Dragon, Brad’s Atomic Grape, Atomic Fusion, and Maerchenfee (Märchenfee).

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