‘Grosse du Gers’ is an exceptional local family heirloom from France, that has flourished for generations in the picturesque region of Eauze, Gers, South-West France. This indeterminate, red beefsteak tomato boasts robust, regular leaf plants that yield an abundance of fruits ranging from 9 to 25 ounces (250-700g).
What sets ‘Grosse du Gers’ apart is not just its impressive size but also the remarkable balance of sweet and sour, reminiscent of the nostalgic, old-fashioned tomato flavors. Each bite is a journey through time, capturing the essence of traditional French tomato varieties. The indulgent taste experience makes it an excellent choice for fresh eating, allowing you to savor the authentic flavors that have been cherished by families in the Gers region for centuries.
Its versatility extends beyond mere freshness – consider incorporating these delectable beefsteaks into a variety of dishes. Slice them thick for classic Caprese salads, where the rich, balanced flavors harmonize with fresh basil and creamy mozzarella. The juicy texture of this red beefsteak tomato also makes it an ideal candidate for creating succulent bruschettas, adding a burst of authentic taste to your appetizers. A standout ingredient in homemade sauces, relishes, and salsas, enhancing the overall depth and complexity of your culinary creations. Whether enjoyed fresh, cooked, or preserved, ‘Grosse du Gers’ beckons you to explore the diverse ways it can elevate your culinary experiences. As a midseason delight, ‘Grosse du Gers’ matures approximately 75-80 days after transplant, ensuring a timely harvest for your culinary adventures.

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    Solanum lycopersicum

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