‘Cream of the Crop™ – Beefy Purple’ is a mouthwatering, open-pollinated gem that captures attention within the expansive ‘Cream of the Crop™’* breeding program. Making its debut in the 2024 growing season, this determinate, regular-leaf tomato plant delivers sizable (12-14 oz/340-400g) mahogany purple fruits with green stripes. The fruits boast an oblate, meaty, and nearly seedless flesh composition.
This delectable, purple beefsteak tomato not only captivates with its unique appearance but also possesses a well-balanced taste that promises a delightful culinary experience. What sets them apart is their remarkable storage capability, making them an invaluable addition for market farmers looking to extend the shelf life of their produce. From transplant to ripening, the process takes approximately 60-75 days, offering a relatively quick turnaround for those eager to enjoy the harvest. Perfect for fresh consumption, this striped purple beefsteak tomato is a versatile addition to any kitchen. Whether sliced on sandwiches, incorporated into a classic BLT, or tossed in vibrant salads, the ‘Cream of the Crop™ – Beefy Purple’ brings a burst of flavor and color to every dish.

*’Cream of the Crop™’ is a collaborative effort between A.P. Whaley Seed Company and Frogsleap Farm, focused on developing tomatoes with superior quality, extended shelf life, disease resistance, and exceptional flavor.

Other purple beefsteak tomato listings within our database include: The Thong, Rebel Starfighter: Blane’s Moonlight, Not Purple Strawberry, Owen’s Purple, Black Bear, WildThyme Purple.

Other tomatoes from the ‘Cream of the Crop™’ breeding program include: Tropical Sunset, Copper Beauty, Apricot Zebra, Pink Champagne, Prairie Fire, Beefy Red, Plum Drop F1, Raspberry Drop F1, Purple Zebra F1, Sunset Torch F1, Sparky XSL F1, Red Torch F1, Bronze Torch.

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  • Variety

    Open Pollinated

  • Fruit Colors


  • Flesh Colors


  • Fruit Shapes


  • Fruit Sizes




  • Culinary Use




  • Maturities


  • Plant Types


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  • Leaf Type


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  • Species

    Solanum lycopersicum

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