First in a series of micro dwarf tomatoes introduced by Wild Boar Farms, ‘Golden Hour’, is a truly unique mini-tomato that made its debut in late 2023. This exceptional orange micro dwarf tomato originated from a collaborative cross made by Mark Seabolt in which ‘Brad’s Atomic Grape’ was crossed with a micro-mini variety of Mark’s. (Mark is the owner/breeder of Mini Maters.)
‘Golden Hour’ is an indeterminate mini plant that typically reaches a height of 10″-20″ and offers remarkable production potential for such a small plant. The tomatoes range in size from 1 to 2 oz./28-60g, and take on an oval, roma-shape with a striking yellow hue and beautiful anthocyanin stripes. Some develop a golden-orange shade during the final ripening stage.
These tomatoes exhibit remarkable durability and crack resistance, allowing the fruits to be stored at room temperature for several weeks. When it comes to flavor, ‘Golden Hour’ delivers a delightful blend of sweetness and fruity notes while maintaining lower acidity. This unique combination makes it a perfect addition to fresh salads. Their appearance makes them ideal for slicing and garnishing sandwiches, and toasts, or incorporating them into pasta dishes for a burst of fresh flavor. Additionally, the lower acidity enhances the overall balance, making ‘Golden Hour’ tomatoes an excellent choice for homemade salsas, relishes, and sauces. Fresh or cooked, this micro dwarf tomato is a perfect choice for culinary experiments with its exceptional taste and versatility. Mid-season, this variety typically matures approximately 85 days after transplant.

Other orange micro dwarf tomato listings within our database include: Orange Hat and Orange Pinocchio.

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  • Variety

    Open Pollinated

  • Fruit Colors




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    Mini Dwarf / Micro / Basket

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  • Species

    Solanum lycopersicum

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