New release for the United States and Canada in 2024! ‘Märchenzauber’ is a beautiful, yellow pointy saladette tomato from the ‘Kleverhof’* seed company in Elmenhorst, Germany. (‘Märchenzauber’ translated means ‘Fairytale Magic’.)
Indeterminate, regular leaf plants produce exquisitely hued, elongated saladettes (0.9-2oz./25-60g) with a yellow exterior, green stripes that turn pale yellow when fully mature, and a red blush on the nippled blossom end. Crisp flesh, a sugary-sweet flavor with pleasant, acidic notes, and a tropical aroma make this variety an excellent choice for fresh snacking, offering flavors that are reminiscent of a sun-drenched garden with each bite. These yellow pointy tomato fruits will enhance each fresh salad by adding tropical sweetness and refreshing acidity perfectly complementing greens and other fresh ingredients. Beyond salads, envision the sweet touch it brings to gazpacho, creating a cool and revitalizing soup ideal for warm summer days. They will expand your culinary creations to craft exceptional jams or salsas. With robust and disease-resistant plants, ‘Märchenzauber’ is not only visually and sensually pleasing but also a dependable addition to your garden. This mid-season marvel typically reaches maturity around 72 days after transplant, ensuring a timely harvest for your culinary endeavors. Strong and healthy plants have a good disease tolerance and perform well even in dry weather conditions. Mid-season, the first ripe fruits of this beautiful variety can be harvested about 72 days after transplant.

*’Kleverhof’ seed company developed the extensive Märchen Series which includes the following varieties: Märchenfee, Märchenelf, Märchenmonster, Märchengold, Märchenglanz, Märchenfrucht, Märchenengel, Märchenzauber.

Other yellow pointy tomato listings within our database include: Banana Legs, Zolotaya Kanareyka. Lil’ Peeps, Citrina, Teton De Wepion (Téton de Wépion), and Tsitrusovyy Sad.

Find seeds for this and many more tomato varieties at Kleverhof.

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    Open Pollinated

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    Solanum lycopersicum

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