‘SunGold F1 Hybrid’ orange cherry tomato was developed and launched by Tokita Seed Co., Ltd, Japan in 1992 and has been in constant production ever since due to its unforgettable flavor. Even the plant’s distinctive scent leaves a lasting memory with tomato lovers young and old.
According to tomato collector and historian, Tatiana Kouchnareva, some sources mentioned that one of the parents of this hybrid tomato may be a well-known and loved ‘Brandywine’ tomato strain. Also, some growers who were curious and grew F2 generation plants of ‘Sungold’ reported potato leaf seedlings appeared, proving the possibility of a Brandywine strain being part of this tasty tomato’s lineage. Inquiry minds are forever trying to capture and reproduce the iconic flavor.
Sungold is a vigorous indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plant that produces massive crops of sweet, golden-orange cherry tomato clusters (8 on the Brix sugar content scale) of 1” (0.5oz./15g) cherry-sized fruits. The rich, sweet, tomatoey tastes make this variety a true crowd-pleaser. Its vibrant flavor profile adds a burst of flavor to salads, creating a perfect harmony with crisp greens and other fresh ingredients. Additionally, the juicy and sweet characteristics of ‘Sungold F1’ orange cherry tomato elevate the flavor of dishes. As a snack, these tomatoes shine on their own, offering natural sweetness that satisfies any craving. Whether enjoyed fresh or incorporated into a variety of recipes, the ‘Sungold F1’ tomato proves to be a versatile and delicious addition to your culinary repertoire. Full maturity is reached early in the season, about 57 days from the time they are planted out.

Other orange cherry tomatoes include: Pendulina Orange, Toronjina , and Santiam Sunrise. 

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    Solanum lycopersicum

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