‘Superexotic’ is a small, striped, chocolate tomato that introduces a delightful touch to the realm of tomatoes as an amateur selection hailing from Ukraine. Its small, plum-shaped fruits, weighing between 1-3 ounces (40-80g), boast an exquisite aesthetic – a mahogany brown exterior adorned with dark green stripes and a reddish-brown interior, creating a visually appealing contrast. The dense yet juicy flesh of ‘Superexotic’ delivers a sweet and rich tomato taste, elevating it beyond mere functionality to a flavorful experience for the taste buds.
What sets ‘Superexotic’ apart is not only its captivating appearance but also its impressive shelf life. These fruits exhibit remarkable durability, allowing for storage even several weeks after harvest within the temperature range of 8-10°C (46-50°F). This attribute enhances the versatility of this small, striped, chocolate tomato as a culinary gem that can be enjoyed over an extended period.
In the realm of culinary applications, ‘Superexotic’ takes center stage. Its small size and rich flavor make it an excellent choice for salads, infusing freshness and vibrant color into every bite. Furthermore, the plum-shaped fruits are ideal for canning in whole, not only preserving their unique appearance but also capturing their robust taste in jars. The preserved ‘Superexotic’ tomatoes become a visually striking and flavorful addition to your pantry, ready to enhance a variety of dishes.
The indeterminate nature of the plants, coupled with regular leaf growth, ensures a continuous harvest, making ‘Superexotic’ a reliable and productive addition to any garden. With a midseason maturation period of approximately 75 days, gardeners and culinary enthusiasts alike can anticipate the bountiful rewards of this Ukrainian treasure. In conclusion, ‘Superexotic’ transcends the ordinary, offering not just a tomato but an exquisite journey of visual and culinary delight.

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    Open Pollinated

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    Solanum lycopersicum

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