Elevate your gardening experience with this award-winning red micro dwarf cherry tomato that not only looks fabulous but also tantalizes the taste buds with its exceptional flavor! A delightful and visually stunning tomato that won the prestigious FleuroSelect* Gold Medal in 2024. The FleuroSelect jury was enamored by the delectable and beautiful appearance of the plants, adorned with numerous branches that continuously yield new fruits. Created by P R U D A C™** in Enkhuizen, Netherlands, with collaborative contributions from breeders Ard Ammerlaan, Hafiz Haris, Anushka Deshpande, and Suxian Zhu. This Basket/Container plant is not just a feast for the eyes but also a sweet snack tomato that delivers a cascade of vibrant and flavorful fruits. The plant is a compact, bushy, semi-determinate 16 inches/40cm dwarf, producing sweet tiny round fruits weighing (0.4oz./12g) with a red color and thin skin.
Beyond its taste charm and beauty, this tomato variety is resilient to Phytophthora, resistant to mildew, and remarkably easy to cultivate in pots, or on windowsills. For optimal growth, consider a pot size of 6-7 inches/15-17cm, and anticipate a maturity period of 84-98 days.

* Fleuroselect, an international organization in the ornamental plants industry, has united industry professionals for over 50 years. They collaborate to test and evaluate new plants, promote award winners, protect member varieties, network, and contribute to industry development.

**P R U D A C™ – Production & Research for Urban Decoration And Consumption.

Other red micro dwarf cherry tomato listings within our database include: Chibikko, Patio Plum, Christmas Tree, Birdie Rouge, Siam F1 Hybrid, Lille Lise, Minibel, Vilma.

The Tiny Temptations series include also an orange micro dwarf cherry tomato named Tiny Temptations Orange F1.

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    Solanum lycopersicum

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