‘Cream of the Crop™ Beefy Red’ striped tomato stands out as one of the largest, open-pollinated, and irresistible tomatoes in the extensive ‘Cream of the Crop™’ breeding program*. It originates from the cross between ‘Big Cheef’ and ‘Pink Berkeley Tie Dye’ tomatoes, two highly popular and liked tomato varieties. Introduced for the 2024 growing season. This indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plant yields large (12-14 oz/340-400g) brick/red, striped oblate solid fruits. They not only exhibit a good balanced flavor but also have an extended shelf life, making them highly valued for farmers’ markets. Their robust flavor and meaty texture make them perfect for slicing onto sandwiches, dicing into fresh salads, or creating rich and flavorful sauces, juices, and preserves. Whether enjoyed fresh or cooked, the red striped tomato ‘Cream of the Crop™ Beefy Red’ adds a burst of color and taste to a wide array of culinary creations, solidifying its status as a must-have in every kitchen. These delectable fruits ripen approximately 75 days after transplant and are produced until the first frosts.

*’Cream of the Crop™’ is a collaborative effort between A.P. Whaley Seed Company and Frogsleap Farm, focused on developing tomatoes with superior quality, extended shelf life, disease resistance, and exceptional flavor.

Other red striped tomato listings within our database include: Skyreacher, Dwarf Edith Stone, Cherokee Tiger Large, Scabitha, Solar Flare, Ryabchik, Norwood Meiners.

Other tomatoes from the ‘Cream of the Crop™’ breeding program include: Beefy Purple, Tropical Sunset, Copper Beauty, Apricot Zebra, Pink Champagne, Prairie Fire, Plum Drop F1, Raspberry Drop F1, Purple Zebra F1, Sunset Torch F1, Sparky XSL F1, Red Torch F1, Bronze Torch.

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  • Variety

    Open Pollinated

  • Fruit Colors


  • Flesh Colors


  • Fruit Shapes


  • Fruit Sizes




  • Culinary Use




  • Maturities


  • Plant Types


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  • Leaf Type


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  • Species

    Solanum lycopersicum

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