‘Dwarf Mocha’s Cherry’, was developed by members of the ‘Dwarf Tomato Project’ (DTP) from a cross made by Craig LeHoullier. One of the parents, an indeterminate, high anthocyanin, pink cherry tomato, is an exclusive, unreleased Tom Wagner varietal that was shared by a mutual friend, Marcia Dillon, as unstable material. The other parent is ‘Dwarf Saucy Mary’, from the DTP, which is an elongated, green-when-ripe, striped fruit.
‘Dwarf Mocha’s Cherry’ was selected and named from the ‘Anthy’ family in 2018 by Craig and further stabilized by Chan Mortimer. Introduced commercially by Victory Seed Company of Molalla, Oregon, USA. Dwarf vines with regular, rugose, anthocyanin-tinged leaves bear dark, glossy, red-bottomed tomatoes weighing 1oz./30g. Dwarf Mocha’s Cherry’ tomatoes are perfect for a variety of culinary creations. Their sweet and spicy flavor pairs perfectly with goat cheese salads, and enhances the taste and look with their dark, glossy appearance. They are ideal for inventive dishes and perfect for garnish. A versatile choice in every kitchen. Excellent choice for container growing on a patio or balcony or for small gardens. Early, about 65 days to maturity.

Other varieties from the ‘Dwarf Tomato Project’ include: ‘Dwarf Saucy Mary‘, ‘Dwarf Purple Heartthrob‘, ‘Dwarf Noah’s Stripes‘, ‘Dwarf Mint Streak‘, ‘Sweet Scarlet Dwarf‘, ‘Sean’s Yellow Dwarf‘, ‘Dwarf Metallica‘, ‘Dwarf Melanie’s Ballet‘, ‘Dwarf Mandurang Moon‘, ‘Dwarf Laura’s Bounty‘, ‘Dwarf Edith Stone‘, ‘Dwarf Mystic Lady‘.

Other anthocyanin cherry tomato listings within our database include: Blue Pitts, Bosque Blue Bumblebee, Black Keyes, Blue Berries (Blue Boar Berries, Indigo Blue Berries), Blue Bayou, Blaue Zimmertomate, Baby Blue, Indigo Rose, Helsing Junction Blues, Midnight Snack F1.

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  • Variety

    Open Pollinated

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  • Plant Types

    Rugose Dwarf

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  • Species

    Solanum lycopersicum

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  1. Mr peter newton says:

    I am particularly interested in dwarf type varieties. I am disabled am no longer able to greenhouse grow and love having a selection on my windowsills.

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