‘Rebel Starfighter: Dippers Delight’ tomato, with its captivating appearance, boasts one of the most unexpected name stories in the Rebel Starfighter family. It was brought to life by Russ Crowe* in  Northern Vermont, USA, through a cross between ‘Rebel Starfighter Prime’ and ‘King Aramis.’ The name for this unique variety was inspired by Russ’s daughter, Kayleigh, who named it after her beloved and unusually friendly pet, Dipper. Kayleigh has been raising spiders for five years and has a rather extensive collection of them, including tarantulas and jumping spiders. She names all her pets after constellations. Among her arachnid companions, there was one exceptionally friendly jumping spider that she called “Dippers.” It captured the essence of her friendly pet and bore a resemblance to the name of a starship, adding an extra layer of charm to the tomato’s story.
This regular-leaf dwarf-type plant produces charming 5oz (150g) purple fruits adorned with green stripes and striking anthocyanin shoulders. These tomatoes exhibit a rich, well-balanced, and fruity taste that makes them an excellent choice for sandwiches or flavorful passata. ‘Rebel Starfighter: Dippers Delight’ fruits mature in the middle of the tomato season, about 80-85 days after transplant.

*Russ Crowe is the creator of the extensive Rebel Starfighter Family, which includes the following varieties: Rebel Starfighter Prime, Rebel Starfighter VT16, Rebel Starfighter: Dippers Delight, Rebel Starfighter: Blane’s Moonlight, Rebel Starfighter: Penny Lane, and Rebel Starfighter: Kayleigh Anne.

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    Open Pollinated

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    Solanum lycopersicum

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