‘Rebel Starfighter: Kayleigh Anne’ stands as a captivating addition to the illustrious ‘Rebel Starfighter’ series, a colorful collection crafted by breeder, Russ Crowe in the serene landscapes of Northern Vermont, USA. This distinct anthocyanin salad tomato is a result of the thoughtful crossbreeding of ‘Snow White’ cherry with the unmistakable ‘Rebel Starfighter Prime’. Beyond its visual appeal, this variety holds a special place in Russ’s heart, serving as a heartfelt tribute to his daughter, Kayleigh. Even as her father’s most discerning critic, Kayleigh couldn’t resist the allure of this tomato’s exquisite sweet flavor, complemented by a delightful citrus aftertaste.
Characterized by indeterminate regular leaf and robust plants endowed with exceptional vigor, ‘Rebel Starfighter: Kayleigh Anne’ yields small to medium-sized, blunted heart-shaped fruits weighing between 2-3.5oz./60-100g. The fruits boast a unique aesthetic, featuring a soft creamy white hue with occasional hints of pink blush, adorned with anthocyanin shoulders and stripes.
Beyond its ornamental value, this anthocyanin salad tomato proves to be an excellent choice for fresh consumption or as a delectable addition to many dishes. With a maturation period of approximately 75 days after transplant, this tomato variety brings a delightful harmony of flavors and textures, making your culinary experiments a real joy. Its sweet flavor and citrus aftertaste make it a perfect candidate for salads, adding a refreshing and unique twist to the dish. The soft creamy white texture of the fruit, occasionally tinged with a hint of pink, not only enhances the visual appeal of salads but also contributes to a diverse and vibrant culinary palette. Whether sliced, diced, or enjoyed whole, this tomato variety goes beyond the ordinary, elevating the dining experience to new heights.

Other varieties from the ‘Rebel Starfighter’ series include: ‘Rebel Starfighter Prime‘, ‘Rebel Starfighter VT16’, ‘Rebel Starfighter: Dippers Delight’, ‘Rebel Starfighter: Blane’s Moonlight’, and ‘Rebel Starfighter: Penny Lane’.

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    Open Pollinated

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    Solanum lycopersicum

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